Top 3 healthy diet plans for a fast loss-weight

Are you looking for efficient healthy diet plans for losing weight fast? If you need to reduce sizes without affecting your health do not go directly to the first diet you find, you could find yourself not ready for the change of habits. Here, we list seven healthy diet plans if you are in a hurry to get in shape: these are efficient, easy to follow, fast and sometimes a bit severe.

They are very different in duration and demands, however they all guarantee reliable results in your losing weight plans.

If you don’t have time and want to go for a healthy food delivery service, go for it, your health worths it !


Top 3 healthy diet plans for a fast loss-weight

A selection of healthy diet plans for fast results in losing weight


A way to get slimmer in a healthy and balanced way is to accelerate the metabolism through some particular food. As you may know every food is processed and digested the same way, however there are a few that stimulates the digestion, you should take more into account those that stimulate a regeneration of the metabolism. Everyone of them can be found in our selected Top 3 list. Even if you are not on a diet, it will help you to keep a balanced nourishment, and don’t forget that to keep a flat belly you should practice regular physical exercise, sports or movement during the week.


From simple healthy groceries, to an elaborated diet plan

Detox diet (based primarily on lemon):

In this diet plan obviously prevails a long use of lemon juice, in diverse ways to be used in the meals. Diluted in hot water, as seasoning or flavoring ingredient, it will provide its depurative and draining characteristics. It is a diet that will have an impact on your weight and your health on short amount of time. It doesn’t require  to be extended for long periods.

Besides the use of lemon, it is accompanied by some low-fat food as fish, white meat, vegetables, fruits (mainly reds) and nuts.
After seven days it is advisable to keep on a balanced diet to maintain your new weight.


Gluten-free diet (based on rice):


Another effective diet comprises a depurative program where the menu is mainly based on rices. Highly recommended as its name states for celiac and those who want to avoid gluten. As in the case of the lemon, the rice brings healthy benefits for the depuration and draining of the body, helping against the hydric retention. This diet works in a fast way, however it evidently requires the progressive integration of another food to the plan, as greens, white meat, vegetables, fish. It also will require to keep feeding ourselves on a balanced way, incorporating it to our daily routine.


‘Supermetabolism’ diet:


This a healthy diet plan based on the use of fat burner foods. It proposes a menu thought for speeding up the metabolism in a durable way. The diet is splitted between the consumption of low-fat food (and meat) during the first half of the week, and a more green and vegetables focused for the other half, integrating again some fats for the weekend. It requires you to practice physical activity, at least three times a week and to maintain this strict balance. As in any diet it is advisable to check your health regularly with your nutritionist and to keep your diet diverse and balanced.


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