The market trend for healthy and chef-cooked meal delivery

The Uberization of business models is already an established trend in the market. Food is not the exception. While the delivery apps, for food and other items are largely based in a generalist approach, encompassing as much providers as possible, there is a trend for a more niche-oriented need for healthy diet plans and chef-cooked meals for people that doesn’t want to spend time on the kitchen or just doesn’t have the time to.

The trend in food delivery services is aiming to weekly plans as a more suitable and affordable way to eat healthy and balanced every day of the week without worrying for choosing and ordering the dishes in a hurry every day.

The market trend for healthy and chef-cooked meal delivery

Merging homemade meals with delivery service


While cooking can be a rewarding experience, let’s be honest, for a fraction of the time that it takes we can also do an even more pleasant experience: just eating. Most of us prefer to use the free time for more entertainment or hanging out with friends, besides, cooking a healthy and delicious food might be not one of our strong points.


With the ever-present chef quality meals on the media, we all aspire to that, if not able to cook it, at least to eat it. Hence, why not leaving it to the experts? the new food delivery services are making it possible, even at an affordable price!


The trend is definitely aligned with a rethought of old (good) practices, like carpooling, flat and couch sharing for guests, and meal delivery, that makes use of ubiquitous communication devices to integrate in the economy and our daily lives. It’s about turning existing practices into decentralized businesses where people help each other and thrive by focusing on what they do best.


A win-win situation for consumers and providers in the food delivery ecosystem

Even in cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, healthy food services were not appropriate.

But now small families and singles can easily relate to the efficiency of the system since they often spend more money on the weekly groceries shopping for meals they have to cook, ending up throwing part of those groceries to the garbage. Plus the required time for doing the dishes, water and energy/gas spent, etcetera. Besides, they usually have to decide to eat a fast-food meal or at a not-so-affordable restaurant. This is a solution that adds up efficiency to a whole chain of events.


Most of the people that are not into the cooking business would rather be doing something else than spending their precious time cooking, under the excuse of ‘saving’. The alternative so far during working hours has been relying on the ‘Menus of the Day’ or snacks that can be repetitive, unhealthy, ‘risky’, unfulfilling (or too much), and ultimately more expensive than a BYO meal option.


It is a logical response from the market to a rising demand. People wants to save time and money, and at the same time to eat better, to stay healthy, by eating delicious food thopught for a balanced nutrition every day of the week. Some of the services can even provide customised plans for vegans or people on a specific diet, you can actually choose the one that fits you the most. The unaffordable idea of having a chef to cook your meals personally is a thing of the past now.


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