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“If you’re a new mom who’s reading this post, you’ll be rather happy to know that there are healthy food delivery systems which can deliver any kind of healthy food that you may order them.”


“It has been specially used with healthy food delivery services in NYC like My Cuistot to make the healthy or weight loss meals looking delicious.”


“Getting a healthy balanced alimentation is complicated nowadays…”


“My Cuistot founder will be happy to meet you”


“All you need to know about our website and app code…or not! :)”

UPWORK – Position Communication

“Part-Time Communication Officer – Scope: USA – UK – SINGAPORE – SPAIN”

UPWORK – Position Sales & Operations

“Full Time – Operations and Sales Officer”

Merchant Circle

“My Cuistot is a meal delivery service dedicated to bringing varied healthy, seasonal cuisine right to customers’ doorsteps. Its roster of talented chefs works constantly to create innovative,”

Brown Book

“My Cuistot customizes its meal deliveries for those with dietary restrictions (organic, kosher, gluten-intolerant, etc.).”


“My Cuistot, a French company delivering healthy, fresh and natural food at affordable prices”


“Do you want to eat balanced and delicious, without the hassle of cooking or ordering every day from limited options why not trying a Paris-inspired dish every day?”


“My Cuistot is the only food delivery company present and expanding internationally”

The Mirror

“My Cuistot handles everything from meal preparation to a convenient…”

The Standard

“My Cuistot, healthy food delivery services My Cuistot, is a French company”


“My Cuistot proposes a suitable and affordable way to eat healthy”

The Daily Record

“The meals are cooked in small batches right next to your door and delivered the same day”

Find It

“An efficient business model that is profitable and sustainable in time”

Product Hunt

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“Common mistakes in fitness and nutrition”

Snap Munk

“Working with a network of chefs in your area we provide fresh, healthy food, at affordable prices.”

Y Combinator

“My Cuistot is a healthy food delivery service working 5 countries and more than 10 cities”

Slash Dot

“And Voilà! My Cuistot is now here, solving ours and many others needs in France, Spain, UK, Singapore and the US.”


“Competencia Española a La Nevera Roja”


“Any person who has used My Cuistot will tell you that it is one of the most reputable food sites that you can ever rely on.”


“Guillaume Manca, fundador de My Cuistot, explica que My Cuistot permite a sus clientes personalizar sus comidas según las características…”


“la principal característica de My Cuistot reside, según sus ideólogos, en que “posee una red de chefs especialmente seleccionados y ubicados estratégicamente…”

Valentin Biosoc

“Pineapple diet to lose 5 kilos in 5 days” 


“Losing weight is many of us ultimate goal. We used to try many things, sometimes even weight loss meals delivered subscription would be convenient”

Optimistic Mommy

“With the range of conflicting options, it can be hard to determine the approach that will work best for you. There are various suggestions for selecting the right weight loss program.”


“You can also order a healthy food delivery plan using these ingredients to have a nutritional and balanced diet.”

Lifestyle Asia

“The meal-delivery concept, founded in France, offers typically rich French cuisine in healthier formats”

Restauracion News

“El 35% de los españoles estarían dispuestos a pagar hasta un 20% más por un servicio delivery saludable al mes., según una encuesta realizada por My Cuistot”


“You don’t have the money to get a general cantine in your building but you want to offer a great solution to your employees to get healthy food at lunch?”

Socialist Health Education

“If you would like to be healthy whilst being as stringent with your wallet as possible, read our top tips on the cheapest ways to get healthy. Looking for healthy meals delivered in London.”


“All you have to do is make an order and the site will be readily available to offer healthy food delivery.”


“If the site is not in your city, then you will have to sign up for email alerts and the restaurant will contact you as soon as they start offering healthy food delivery near your home”

University of Southern California

“Well, don’t worry! That’s completely normal. There’s just too much information out there on how to choose the best and healthy food delivery service”


“My Cuistot is the best option you can find if you don’t have time to cook and shop but want to eat healthy.”


“You will learn a lot about nutrition and the different trends in nutrition. You will discover all the diets existing like gluten free, lactose free, low carb, low cal, keto and others…”


“This diet has amazing results and is followed by My Cuistot in its weight loss diet program”

The Inscriber Mag

“Till now, it has grown to such an extent that the market of diet meals delivered providing companies has already being to saturate”

Thrive Global

“For additional preferences, there are diet meals delivered that can accommodate to any kind of food allergies. For diabetic or high cholesterol patients also, special care is taken while preparing food.”

Block 71 Singapore

“My Cuistot is making a revolution in the food industry. Without any kitchen but creating a network of independent chefs we are able to design, cook and delivered healthy meals in the work”

NUS Computing

“My Cuistot helps busy people to eat healthy without shopping and cooking.”

Become Gorgeous

“Such foods have different impacts on hormones, hunger and the way in which calories are burnt. Are you looking for weight loss diet food delivery?”


“6 sites pour partager ses bons petits plats”

Startup Story

“Le Comptoir, accélérateur de startups du territoire du Grand Paris, vient de lancer sa troisième promotion de 20 startups.”

 Job Street Singapore

“With My Cuistot you can make up to SGD$300 a day”

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