Malnutrition, a problem that can affect us all

Malnutrition is common in people who follow diets without consulting professionals in advance

Malnutrition, a problem that can affect us all

Malnutrition is common in many people who follow diets created by themselves, without any medical advice. They simply stop eating food they consider fattening or they reduce the amount of food eaten during the day without prior professional counsel.

Eating large quantities is not related to eating well. You can eat large quantities of food and still be malnourished by lacking micronutrients that the body needs like vitamins A, B, and C; folic acid; or minerals like iodine, iron, calcium, and zinc that are useful for protecting us from sicknesses and for improving our immune system.

Most pain and discomfort that we consider “normal,” like fatigue, moodiness, bone or muscle pain, bleeding from the gums after brushing your teeth, or stomach gas, are some of the symptoms or indications that one is suffering from or susceptible to malnutrition. The most common symptoms are anemia, weakness, and hormonal changes due to the lack of vitamins and minerals.

To avoid malnutrition, it is advisable to follow a balanced diet that includes all the food groups and a variety of healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, breads, and a minimum 1 litter of water per day. Do not avoid any type of food, even if it seems unhealthy, without previously consulting a certified nutritionist or dietician. Establish food schedules until they become an involuntary routine. Do not go more than 4 hours without eating, and have 5 meals per day.

It is also important to detox on a monthly basis and to reduce the consumption of saturated fats, breads, sugars and alcohol. The monthly detoxification serves to reduce the excess of toxins and impurities that slowly accumulate in the body throughout the month by consuming unhealthy food and alcoholic beverages.

Body detoxification should only be done by adults, given that kids need these fats and meat (with a good varied diet) for the proper development of their bodies.

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